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Connected Learning
About  Us  
Connected Learning

Who are we?

Connected Learning gives young people high-quality, engaging and memorable learning experiences to become their best selves.


Participants successfully build skills and mindsets that are backed by decades of research through activities, collaboration, and games.



Our  Beliefs 

There is a brilliant star in every student 

Nobility lives within every student. Our programs must draw on these strengths to augment and broaden their capabilities. 

No skill is impossible to learn
Too kind is the minimum standard
Nothing is impossible
Brilliant Star

There is no such thing as an unteachable student, only an under-prepared educator. With the right content & approach, every student can achieve excellence.

Kindness has no limit. Being kind shapes our decision-making, learning content and educational approach. 

Our work is to serve others and create psychologically safe environments to thrive.

About  the founder 

👋 Sana Vasli

Sana is a business author, coach and educational expert with decades of experience working with some of Australia's largest organisations to improve their capabilities and outcomes. Sana is now dedicated to working with children from K-12 to build character, confidence and capability.

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Connected Learning

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